The RoadPrinter sets the new standard for block paving machines

When it comes to mechanised block paving, the RoadPrinter sets the new standard. This machine allows for quick and efficient paving which is less strenuous for road workers. The time has come to change the world with the new RoadPrinter ECO, the first battery powered brick paving machine. Just a single battery charge, keeps this block paver in operation for one full week. No loud generators required!

Roadprinter Eco Subsidy scheme

The Dutch government is investing heavily in durable and safe construction methods so that you may be eligible for a subsidy when purchasing the RoadPrinter Eco!

Revolutionising the brick paving world!

A RoadPrinter brick paver enables you to pave a complete stretch of road, between one and six metres wides, all at once. This includes laying the edges, so that your bricklayers will no longer have to do this manually, which is physically very demanding.

Subisidy schemes

The Dutch government is currently making substantial investments in safe and durable construction and production methods. You can profit from this by applying for a subsidy when purchasing the RoadPrinter Eco.


Through the Dutch government’s tax deduction schemes and subsidised programs, such as VAMIL AND MIA, you can receive a discount of approximately 12% on the purchase price.

Excellent quality

The RoadPrinter is a leader in the mechanical brick paving industry.

Corporate social responsibility

Because Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, they played vital parts in the development of the RoadPrinter Eco. With that in mind, our brick paver allows you to construct brick road in sustainable and durable manner, leading to a positive influence on your ecological footprint.

Large production capacity

Thanks to its automation, the RoadPrinter allows for an increased output.

New or used


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What types of bricks can the RoadPrinter pave?

This is an often-posed question. To learn more about the types of bricks and bonds which can be laid with our paver, please take a look at the list on the left-hand side of the page.

What type of bonds can be created by the RoadPrinter?

To give you an impression of the numerous possibilities, please find a list of examples to the right.

Herringbone bond



90° herringbone bond

Vertical herringbone bond

RoadPrinter Eco subsidies

The Dutch government places great importance on safe and durable working methods. With its electric drive and environmentally-friendly control system, the Roadprinter Eco can definitely contribute to this. A fact which the Dutch government takes to heart, as Dutch companies are eligible to receive a subsidy through the MIA and Vamil programs when buying the RoadPrinter Eco.

We operate internationally

We work in the following countries:

  • Dubai
  • Rusland
  • Brazil
  • Nigeria
  • Argentina
  • Bulgaria
  • The Netherlands

Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5000

The Roadprinter Eco is powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery from the Ultra series, Mastervolt’s latest innovation. Through its bus system, the battery delivers its energy as efficiently as possible.

Chargemaster 24/30-3

The ChargeMaster delivers maximum power output by using auto ranging, which ensures faultless and fully automated operations everywhere around the world, regardless of mains voltage (90-265 V AC, 50 of 60 Hz). The three-tier charging process ensures the battery will quickly charge to its fullest. Moreover, thanks to its cos phi 1 control, the battery delivers the same charging current at a lower generator capacity.

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