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The RoadPrinter Eco is a revolutionary automatic paving machine that has many advantages for roadworkers and the environment. The RoadPrinter Eco makes brick roads like laying a carpet. Making a brick road has never been so easy! Moreover, this machine is environmentally friendly as well. You have found your solution for ecological paving!

Why is the RoadPrinter Eco your automatic paving machine?

The RoadPrinter is one of the most leading pavement machines for automatic pavement. However, RP Systems continued to develop their paving machines and came up with the idea for the RoadPrinter Eco. This is a more environmentally friendly version of the conventional machine. It supports businesses that want to implement Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. A generator is no longer needed, since it is replaced by the Lithium-ion battery. The RoadPrinter Eco does not use any fuel which results in a positive effect on the CO2 footprint. Therefore, the RoadPrinter Eco is your automatic paving machine.

Building streets up to seven metres

The RoadPrinter Eco can build brick streets from one to seven metres wide, perfectly and at once. It even does the edging of the road. Roadworkers do not have to complete the road after the RoadPrinter Eco did its job. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of this automatic paving machine for your company? Please us at call +31 (0)161 87 00 35 or +31 (0)6 41 52 85 15.

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