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Do you want to improve your block paving machine? Are you willing to invest in improvement? The RoadPrinter Eco is a block paving machine that is faster and easier to use for roadworkers than the conventional RoadPrinter. This machine is an ecological version of the conventional machine. It can be used for building brick roads from one to seven metres wide in an environmentally friendly manner.

The RoadPrinter Eco is an improved block paving machine

After the invention of the RoadPrinter, the inventors kept on developing this block paving machine. Thanks to their ambition, an improved version of the RoadPrinter was invented: the RoadPrinter Eco. This machine was better than its predecessor in several ways:

  • The RoadPrinter Eco is about three times faster than the conventional RoadPrinter;
  • It is about four times stronger and does not need maintenance;
  • The RoadPrinter Eco gains its power from a Mastervolt Li-ion Ultra battery, instead of a generator. Building a brick road with a RoadPrinter Eco produces less CO2 compared to a conventional block paving machine;
  • Since no generator is needed, a brick road can be built quietly.

Especially for companies and entrepreneurs that think about Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, the RoadPrinter Eco is a very interesting solution.

What are the specifications of the RoadPrinter Eco?

This block paving machine can be used in both small and broad streets. The RoadPrinter Eco has a standard width of four metres. However, if needed you can install pieces of half a metre to one-and-a-half metre and can build or rebuild streets from one to seven metres wide. Another advantage is that the RoadPrinter builds a road that is immediately ready to use. In other words, this block paving machine makes the work of roadworkers less tough. Would you like to know more about the specifications of the RoadPrinter Eco? Contact us via +31 (0)161 87 00 35 or +31 (0)6 41 52 85 15.

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