Chargemaster 24/30-3

Chargemaster 24/30-3

The ChargeMaster is equipped with auto-ranging to deliver maximum power output, a feature which ensures faultless and fully automated operation anywhere around the world, regardless of mains voltage (90-265 V AC, 50 of 60 Hz). The three-tier charging process ensures the battery will quickly achieve a full charge. Moreover, thanks to its cos phi 1 control, the battery delivers the same charging current at a lower generator capacity.

  • Three-tier charging ensure the battery quickly reaches its full capacity.
  • Equipped with various safety features to ensure a quick and safe charging process.
  • The memory function prevents overcharging in case of irregular power supply.
  • Clear overview on the screen.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Built-in system functionalities (MasterBus) for pairing with other MasterVolt products.

Fully charged in 9 hours

The ChargeMaster, fully charges the RoadPrinter Eco’s battery in just nine hours. To speed up the process, you can opt for a quick charger which offers a full charge in 3,5 hours.

Charging multiple banks simultaneously

The ChargeMaster series is equipped with three charging ports. The lighter models in the series come pre-installed with 2 metres of cable so you can just plug & play. Its heavier models are equipped with one complete port for your service battery and with two 10 A ports, perfect for starter batteries.

Strong connection points

Metal to metal points offer stable connections to prevent corrosion and or overheating.