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Have you still not found construction equipment that is perfectly suitable for the pavement industry? Stop searching for appropriate electric road paving equipment. The RoadPrinter Eco is what you need. The RoadPrinter was an innovate brick paving machine when it was introduced. However, the inventors of this construction equipment did not sit still over the last couple of years and kept on looking for improvement. The result of their hard work is the RoadPrinter Eco, the improved and ecological version of the RoadPrinter.

Electric construction equipment needed? The RoadPrinter Eco is the solution for road paving

Have you been looking for appropriate electric construction equipment for paving a road, but does every option seem unsuitable? Then meet the RoadPrinter Eco. It is all you need for building a perfect road. Whether you have to build or rebuild a broad road or a small one, with the RoadPrinter you can realise it in no time. It is much faster and stronger than the conventional RoadPrinter, it does not need any maintenance and, moreover, it is an environment friendly pavement machine. The RoadPrinter Eco works with the help of a Mastervolt Li-ion Ultra battery. Only this battery provides the RoadPrinter Eco with power for a whole week. As a result, it produces less CO2 and, thus, less harm to our flora and fauna in contrast to conventional generators. Therefore, the RoadPrinter Eco is perfect for entrepreneurs and companies that consider Corporate Social Responsibility as very important.

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Stop looking for any other electric road paving equipment; the RoadPrinter Eco is all you need for building the perfect road easily, fast and ecologically. Besides, it creates better working circumstances for roadworkers, since they do not have to carry out heavy activities. Would you like to obtain more information about the RoadPrinter Eco? Please call us at +31 (0)161 87 00 35 or +31 (0)6 41 52 85 15.

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