Government incentive

Government incentives for the RoadPrinter Eco

The Dutch Government is making substantial investments in safe and durable construction methods. As the RoadPrinter Eco clearly contributes to this with its electric drive and environmentally-friendly steering, Dutch companies are eligible for government grants when purchasing this block paver. Its purchase price can be reduced by up to 12% through the MIA (Environmental Investment Deduction) and Vamil (Exceptional Depreciation of Environmental Investments) programs, which have been set up to facilitate and speed up the launch and wide-spread use of new and innovative environmentally-friendly technologies. By adding environmentally-friendly technologies to the Vamil-list, thus making them eligible for subsidies and giving them an eco-friendly reputation, the government aims to lower the barriers for entrepreneurs who consider making use of them. RP Systems has partnered with Maas & Kleiberg Subisdieadvies, a subsidy advisory company, to handle the subsidies application process in your stead, thus removing all additional paperwork and red tape.


Through the Vamil program, companies can write off up to 75% of their investment at any given time. If the object of the investment is listed as a code A, B, C or F on the Vamil-list, you can decide the rate at which this exceptional depreciation occurs. It is even possible to depreciate 75% of your investment in the first year and to depreciate the remaining 25% at the conventional rate. By writing off your investment at a time which is suitable for you, you lower fiscal profits and reduce the amount of taxes you owe. As a consequence, you will naturally be able to write off less in the following years. However, you do profit from a liquidity and interest advantage because you postpone paying your taxes. It can also be advantageous to pay the tax in years in very profitable years, to end up with lower tax rates. A budget of €40 million was made available for the Vamil scheme in 2016.


Through the MIA program, you can benefit from an additional deduction on the taxable profit, in addition to other tax deductions such as exceptional depreciation. If you have purchased an asset which is listed in the Environmental List as a code A, B, D, E, F or G, 13.5%, 27% or 36% of the investment amount may be charged additionally to the profit for the calendar year in which the asset was purchased so that you have to pay fewer taxes. A budget of €97 million was made available for the MIA scheme in 2016.

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More information regarding government incentives and subsidies can be found in the Environmental List Brochure 2016, which is available for download.