Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5000

Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5000

The Roadprinter Eco is powered by a powerful Lithium-ion battery from the Ultra series, Mastervolt’s latest innovation. Through its bus system, the battery delivers its energy as efficiently as possible.

The Lithium-ion battery is 70% smaller and lighter compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, but offers triple the number of charging cycles. Combined with its high energy density, the Lithium-ion battery is very well-suited for cyclic applications. The Mastervolt Lithium-ion battery offers another advantage as it is equipped with a Battery Management System, which automatically compensates for any imbalances between cells, thus extending the life of the battery. The Lithium-ion Ultra series is also equipped with integrated battery monitoring.

Mastervolt has managed to perfect several aspects of the Lithium-ion battery, resulting in the 2,5 and 5 kWh powerhouses that know no equal. The MLI Ultra offers an ultralong lifespan consisting of up to 2.000 charging cycles and a charging time of less than one hour. It also offers active cell balancing so its Lithium-ion cells can be used safely and efficiently, as well as integrated monitoring to further simplify your system. For an optimal charge, the Lithium-ion Ultra communicates directly with your Mastervolt charger through the MasterBus system. Thanks to the additional 70% savings in weight and space the MLI Ultra battery is unparalleled.

  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Multifunctional 5 kWh battery.
  • Up to 70% smaller and lighter.
  • Triple the lifespan of traditional batteries (2.000 cycles).
  • High-speed charging and discharging.
  • High yield.
  • MasterBus communication with all Mastervolt battery chargers enabled.
  • Integrated Battery Managament System (BMS) and monitoring.
  • Optimised series connection through technology that allows for a balanced and simultaneous charge of multiple cells.
  • Safest Lithium-ion technology available.
  • 3 tested and certified.
  • 2 years warranty.



Technical specifications

Rated battery voltage
Rated battery capacity
Rated battery energy capacity
Max. charge current
Max. continuous discharge current
Peak discharge current
Cycle life
Battery monitoring
MasterBus communication
Battery clamps
Max. outer dimensions lxwxh

mm 26,4V
180 Ah
500 A (2,8 C)
500 A (2,8 C)
1800 A (10 C) ​during 10s
2000 at 80 % DoD
622 x 197 x 355 mm
58 kg

Battery Composition 
Degree of protection
Parallel connection
Series connection
Safety features
Safety relay
Safety relay control

Lithium Ion Phosphate
IP65 (electronics housing)
Yes, unlimited
Yes, limited to 10 batteries (max 2 with a series connection)
Overvoltage, under-voltage, overheating
Mandatory addition, article no. 79007700