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The RoadPrinter Eco is a revolutionary and ecological road building machine that lays brick roads of one to seven metres wide. It is fast, accurate and easy, but above all ecological, compared to conventional paver machines. Are you an entrepreneur working in the pavement industry and environmentally aware? Then you definitely should give the RoadPrinter Eco a try.

Why is the RoadPrinter Eco an ecological road building machine?

A conventional road building machine usually works with a generator. A generator not only makes a lot of noise, it is also environmentally unfriendly. The RoadPrinter Eco, on the contrary, is powered by a Mastervolt Li-ion Ultra battery. One battery provides the RoadPrinter Eco with power for one week and produces, as a result, less CO2. In other words, the RoadPrinter Eco enables companies in the pavement industry to implement Corporate Social Responsibility.

Create better working conditions for roadworkers

The RoadPrinter Eco is not only an ecological road building machine. It also creates better working conditions for roadworkers. They do not have to sit on their knees any longer for building a brick street. All they have to do is place loose bricks in the machine; the RoadPrinter Eco lays the road. Do you have any questions about the RoadPrinter Eco? Do not hesitate to call us at +31 (0)161 87 00 35 or +31 (0)6 41 52 85 15.

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