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For any roadworker appropriate road construction machinery is crucial. The RoadPrinter Eco is a revolutionary pavement machine that is not only faster and stronger than conventional paver machines, it also lays a road environmentally friendly. The RoadPrinter Eco makes it possible to build streets up to seven metres wide without producing a lot of CO2. Thus, it does not harm our environment as much as conventional road construction machinery does.

The RoadPrinter Eco is reliable and ecological road construction machinery

The RoadPrinter Eco is a perfect choice in case you need reliable and ecological road construction machinery. It lays a road as if it is a carpet and does that accurately and fast. This pavement machine relieves roadworkers from tough activities and working conditions, which is better for their health. Moreover, the RoadPrinter Eco is also environmentally friendly. It is powered by a Lithium-ion battery instead of a generator. Roadworkers will not be bothered by cables and noise anymore and, even more important, less CO2 will be produced.

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