Roadprinter Eco

The revolutionary RoadPrinter Eco!

In addition to the conventional RoadPrinter, RP Systems proudly presents the RoadPrinter ECO block paver, powered by the fully electric MasterVolt Li-ion Ultra battery. This revolutionary machine for paving brick streets was developed by RP Systems as the first fully electric bricklaying machine. Corporate social responsibility and durable entrepreneurship were driving factors in the development of the RoadPrinter Eco. As it is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, paving companies no longer have to rely on the use of generators, resulting in a diminished carbon footprint.
Another novelty lies in the RoadPrinter Eco’s undercarriage, as this paver rests on two special 300 mm-wide tracks equipped with 8 flanged rollers each. These 16 rollers in total serve to evenly distribute the paver’s weight between the tracks, leading to optimal ground pressure.


  • No fuel waste (80% of operation hours are a loss).
  • No noisy diesel engine.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Four times stronger than the conventional paving methods.
  • Perfectly tuned controls and motorisation make the machine less subject to disruption.
  • No loose cables or wires.
  • Conveyor belt is three times faster.

How it works

The RoadPrinter paver allows you to lay an entire brick street between 1 and 6 metres wide, including the edges, in a single go. Because the machine also provides the edges, road workers no longer have to get down on their knees to complete this task manually. Thanks to its solid construction, this paver requires very little maintenance. Moreover, it operates very quietly as it is powered by a Li-ion battery. The RoadPrinter is also equipped with auto-steering, aided by sensors so it closely moves along the stretcher brick or kerb.

Expandable operating width up to 6 metres

In its base configuration, the paver consist of a 4-metres wide fixed section. Depending on your requirements, extensions between 0,5 and 1,5 metres long can be fitted to either the left-hand or right-hand side of the paver to expand its field of operations to 6 metres. This makes the RoadPrinter equally suitable for narrow paths as well as wide roads.

Financial incentives from the Dutch government

The Dutch government places great importance on safe and durable working methods. With its electric drive and environmentally-friendly control system, the RoadPrinter Eco can definitely be said to contribute to this. A fact which the Dutch government takes to heart, as Dutch companies are eligible to receive a subsidy through the MIA and Vamil programs when buying the RoadPrinter Eco.

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