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The Tiger-Stone is an efficient road paving machine that is surely worth the investment. With this innovative equipment you a high quality road is paved fast without a lot of manual labour. The machine does all the work, it only needs to be filled with bricks. Apply it to build streets of up to seven metres wide, it is surely applicable to your project.

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The Tiger-Stone is more than an efficient road paving solution, it is also an environment friendly machine. This road paver is powered by a powerful Lithium-ion battery. This means no generators are required and thus no cables, allowing the Tiger-Stone to be more flexible. Furthermore, it relieves roadworkers of hard labour, which is better for their health. All in all, investing in an innovative road paving machine is good for both your workers and the environment.

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Any brick or concrete road can be paved using an environmental friendly Tiger-Stone, as long as it is no wider than seven metres. Do you want to benefit from this innovative and flexibly applicable construction machinery? Contact us at +31 (0)161 87 00 35 or +31 (0)6 41 52 85 15 for a custom solution to your road paving projects. You can also reach us this way, should you have any questions about the Tiger-Stone.

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